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Road and Car Park Resurfacing

From Driveways to Runways, we've got you covered

Before your clients or customers get out of their cars they are already experiencing your brand and forming opinions about the quality of the products and services that you offer.  First impressions really count and for bricks and mortar businesses this is very often the roads leading to and the car parks servicing the property.  

Ensuring your roads and car parks are in good condition not only enhances your customers’ experience but also reduces the risk of accidents.  Slips and trips cost UK firms £500m per year according to the Health and Safety Executive.  Pot holes and defects are common causes of slips and trips in privately owned car parks.

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Enhance Safety and Aesthetics with Professional Road and Car Park Resurfacing

AI Generated image of a damaged section of a car park

Why Resurfacing Matters


Smooth road and car park surfaces reduce accidents and improve driving conditions.  The risk of a slip or trip not only exposes your business to significant financial loss but can also have devastating impacts  on victims and business reputation.


Professional road and car park resurfacing, or repaving, extends the lifespan of the surface when compared to localised repairs.  While small repairs are more affordable in the short-term the costs and disturbance repeated remedial works can mount up.


While most businesses see the value in investing in eye-catching signage and flashy websites, the condition of roads and car parks can be easily overlooked when considering brand perception.

Damaged asphalt showing wear and large cracks

Signs it's Time for Resurfacing

It may be easy to recongise the signs that it is time to resurface your car park, drive or roads but those signs can also be easy to ignore.  Here are some points you should look out for the next time you get out of your car.



Large defects are an obvious problem; but small cracks, depressions and shallow pot holes are early indicators that you will need to start thinking about resurfacing.  Due to the impact of water penetration and freezing, small defects can very quickly become big problems.


Faded lines and symbols can affect traffic flow and reduce parking organisation, potentially leading to parking accidents and unhappy, frustrated customers.


Poor drainage can accelerate the deterioration of the surface as well as lead dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians.  Standing water will reduce the capacity of your parking facilities, inconveniencing your clients.

The Resurfacing Process


Subject to the nature of the works we will conduct a no obligation survey, inspecting the current condition of the site.  This will give you a chance to discuss your requirements face-to-face with the team.

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From removing the existing asphalt using our range of planers to installing new drainage systems, our expert team offer a turnkey solution.



With our range of equipment and professional team we can work according to your unique circumstances to minimise disruption.  


As part of Hillhouse group, we have control of our own supply chain, with aggregates and asphalt being produced by the company.  We can handle traffic management and signage during the works, saving you the time, money and inconvenience of dealing with multiple contractors.

Benefits of Professional Resurfacing - The Hillhouse Difference


After service Scotland for almost 120 years and now being operated by the third generation of the founding family Hillhouse has an enviable reputation in the industry.  That reputation has been built on founding values of professionalism, integrity and honesty and an enduring commitment to the communities we serve and the  dedicated team of team people that work for the business.

Our teams understand the values of the group and demonstrate that through their professional service and commitment to delivering the highest quality of work.


As part of Hillhouse Group our teams have access to four modern asphalt plants spread across the central belt of Scotland.  With capacity for major infrastructure projects, our plants can make 50 different mixes of asphalt surfacing to suit any application.  With our quarries producing aggregates, and asphalt recycling in-house we have unsurpassed capabilities and can deliver exceptional value without compromising quality.


Our in-house recycling plants can process both coal tar (classified as a contaminated hazardous waste due to elevated levels of PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) some of which are carcinogenic) and less hazardous bitumen asphalt surfaces.  After processing much of the removed surfacing can be reused, reducing landfill, disposal costs and carbon footprint.

For support, advice or a no-obligation quotation

complete the quick contact form or

contact our friendly Paisley Contracts team


Tel: 0141 887 9109

Email: contracts@hillhousegroup.co.uk