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Largs Sea Wall CGI


The existing concrete wall had been built in the 1970s and had deteriorated into a state of disrepair over time due to constant exposure to the harsh conditions of the Ayrshire coast.


The project would see the replacement of the existing seawall with a new precast concrete wall.  New access steps and ramps would be constructed, infill added behind the new wall and the promenade extended to meet the new defenses.

Aerial image of Largs Seawall Replacement

With a 100 year design life the concrete mix was specified with a high strength and also required a corrosion inhibiting solution.


Working with the technical and production team at Hillhouse Group and their client RJ McLeod Contractors Ltd, Master Builders Solutions were delighted to support by providing admixture solutions within the concrete mix utilising MasterLife C1 35 and MasterGlenium SKY 920.


MasterLife CI 35, based on calcium nitrate was used as an admixture to inhibit corrosion to the steel reinforced concrete due to its proven performance and  compatibility with marine applications.


MasterGlenium SKY 920 is a superplasticizer based on an innovative blend of polymers engineered for use in ready mixed concrete.  Its use within the mix allowed for extended workability and superior rheology without delayed setting.

Hillhouse Ready Mixed Concrete Used at Large Seawall Replacement Works

Hillhouse Group’s in-house expertise and high production capacity made us a natural choice for the supply of ready mixed concrete to this complex project.


Our longstanding relationship with Master Builders further enhanced the expertise available to our client and ensured the admixtures were produced and delivered to meet the contract demands.


Efficient concrete production, using aggregates extracted and processed at Hillhouse Troon Quarry, further enhances value and responsiveness of supply.


With both ready mixed and volumetric concrete available across the region and the technical expertise to ensure long term success Hillhouse Quarry Group is the ideal partner for your next concrete project, regardless of complexity or scale.